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Submit your claim assignment now using our online form. Simply click on one of the links below: 

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We also offers several other ways to submit claims:

Download PDF Claim Forms

Download one of our claim assignment forms below. The forms can be completed and emailed directly to as an email attachment:

Property Assignment Form

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Please note that you must save the file to your computer and rename it before it can be emailed correctly using the “Submit Now” button.

Email Us Directly

If you already have your loss notice and/or claim documents ready, you can email them directly to us at our general mailbox:

Rush Claims

Have a rush claim that needs to be seen as soon as possible and you don't have all of the loss information yet? Not a problem. You can call or send a quick fax to our office and we'll assist you with getting the loss assigned immediately!

Phone: 727.669.0140 -or- Fax: 727.669.0191

General Questions

Just want to make contact or have a question regarding a claim assignment? You can utilize our contact form to have one of our representatives contact you or enter the new claim assignment information: