Revolutionizing the Property Claims Process with a New Acronym and Some Desk Jockeys.

You Read That Right.

Our industry loves acronyms. CRN, LOR, DFS, AOB, PAs... Here’s a new one that just may become your favorite - VAT. And this VAT will save you money. MMA is revolutionizing the property claims process with our VAT, which stands for “Virtual Adjustment Team.” By using emerging insure-tech, our team is able to handle claims in less time, with less hassle, and often with no need for an on-site assessment.

How It Works

When we receive a request, our team of talented, high-tech desk jockeys first review coverages and contact the policyholder for a few more details. If it looks like we can conduct the adjustment virtually, we’ll walk them through the process. 

The next step is the virtual inspection: our team will guide the policyholder through the entire process live and demonstrate exactly how to conduct the video inspection using their smartphone or tablet. During the video inspection, we’ll be able to determine the scope of the damage, capture any photos we’ll need, verify the location, make notes, and take virtual measurements using our customized application. There’s no special training or technical ability required – we guide policyholders through the whole process.  

We can also send appropriate documents, which can be signed virtually and sent back to us, and prepare a repair estimate without ever having to schedule, coordinate and incur the expense of an on-site visit. From there we can review the important details and bring the claim to resolution within a matter of hours or days instead of weeks. 

All of which means reduced cycle times, lower LAEs and improved SLAs and KPIs, plus higher customer satisfaction and retention. The future of claims handling is now with VAT from MMA.


VAT: Your new favorite acronym.

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